Vol.XXV: Bach, Partita for Violin Solo No.3 BMV 1006, Violin Concerto No.2 BWV 1042, Brandenburg Concerto No.5 BMV 1050*

Oleg Kagan (Violin), Sviatoslav Richter (Piano)*, Marina Vorothtsova (Flute)*, Conservatory Chamber O./Yuri Nikolaevsky; Moscow 1978* & 1979

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When Sviatoslav Richter passed away on August 1, 1997 in Moscow at the age of 82 he had outlived by a little more than seven years the violinist Oleg Kagan, to whom this Edition on Live Classics is dedicated. The close friendship and artistic collaboration between the two musicians dates back to the end of the sixties when Kagan had been introduced to Richter.

The deep attachment between Kagan and Richter and their vivid relationship to the works of Bach presented here are also covered by the following records in Richter´s diary

Bruno Monsaingeon, Richter, Ecrits, conversations, Van de Velde
Arte Editions, Actes Sud 1998

There is no need to praise Bach who is in the best hands with Oleg. He has the key E-major in his veins and he exhales it for his and our enjoyment.

27/VI/1980, Tours

This concerto (Violin Concerto in E major) is one of the concertos I adore. It has been such a pleasure to listen with respect to both, the work itself and also the interpretation. I have firmly decided to play it in its piano version.

25/III/1978, Moscow

At the beginning my adored concerto in E major. In the first movement elegant, cheerful and triumphant. The second movement is one of Bach´s treasures, while the third movement makes us thinking that the composer was quite partial to champaign. Oleg has played magnificently.

23/VI/1978, Tours

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