Vol.X: Hindemith, Violin Sonatas op.11/1,2, Sonatas in E & C

Oleg Kagan (Violin), Sviatoslav Richter (Piano); Moscow 1978

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This tape is such a surprise and what a joy! Already the first bars of this music which I have completely forgotten, took me captive. What a fresh virtuosity in the performance, what a wonderful violinist Oleg is! As far as I am concerned this may be published. We have played it only four times and never again. For the simple reason, that other programmes came and Oleg has left this world.

Sviatoslav Richter 11/95
B. Monsaingeon, Richter, Éditions Van de Velde/Actes Sud/Arte Éditions 1998

These performances are very direct and straightforward, with little subtlety or elegance; fast movements are played in an aggressive, harrd-driving style. The results are deeply satisfying, and one is often blown away by Richter’s daring in the piano’s big moments…The sound of the 1978 live recording is honest and clear…I recommend this disc highly.

North, Fanfare

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