Vol.III: Mozart, Violin Sonatas KV380, 403, 454, 373, 404

Sviatoslav Richter (Piano)
Oleg Kagan (Violin); Moscow 1975

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Oleg Kagan as a direct access to Mozart, a very natural one, and, I am almost sure that in the near future I will try to communicate with him on this miracle in music…

Sviatoslav Richter 4/1972
B. Monsaingeon, Richter, Éditions Van de Velde/Actes Sud/Arte Éditions 1998

True treasures for lovers of great chamber music.

International Classical Record Collector 3/98

Documents of a congenial partnership between artists.

FonoForum 8/93

A brilliant and bewitching stellar moment in concert. A revelation in chamber music.

Die Welt 12/92

A surprisingly fine live recording, its value as a document being only surpassed by its musical quality.

TAZ 7/97

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